Hi! I'm Eirini

I’m a digital product designer who helps companies create and scale products by understanding how user needs can generate business opportunities in a joyful and insightful way.

I’m working with branks like...

Product Design

Your product deserves the best user experience

Continuously collaborating with product managers and engineers - from discovery to delivery. Bringing to market products and services that make sense to the customers, solving their business problems. Iterating on the solutions to always increase the value and offer the best user experience.

Workshop facilitation

Your team can achieve even
more by close collaboration

Facilitating design sprints for discovering a new opportunity or developing a solution for an existing idea. Bringing the team together to deliver a solution in a short amount of time maximizing the work of the team and its value.

User Research

You need to know your customers well

Listening to the customers, understand their needs, aspirations and dreams for discovery, usability or prototype testing.

I believe the creation of a successful product requires deep insights in business, user, design and technology.

Talks & Interviews


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Talk: UX Cocktail, What I learned designing and testing
products around Europe